Quique Sinesi – Guitar of 6 and 7 strings, Charango, Piccologuitar
Fabiana Striffler – Violin, Mandolin

They play their own compositions influenced by the origin of Quique Sinesi; the rhythms and melodies of argentinian Folcloristic Music and Candombe.
Quique Sinesi is considered one of the most influencing guitarists of Sountamerica. He played with the saxohponist Charlie Mariano, “Negro” Carlos Aguirre, Dieter Ilg and others.






Greg Cohen – Bass
Fabiana Striffler – Violin

Greg Cohen is a jazz – bassist. Best known for his work with Tom Waits, John Zorn’s Masada quartet, Ornette Coleman, Woody Allen, Elvis Castello, Lee Konitz, Norah Jones Lou Reed, Bill Frisell, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Tim Sparks, Dino Saluzzi and many more …In August / September 2006, he was musical director of the Century of Song – series at the German Art Festival Ruhr Triennale. He has been a regular member of Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band, which used to play every Monday night at Manhattan´s Carlyle Hotel. He appears in Woody Allen’s Wild Man Blues and in Robert Altman´s 1993 film Short Cuts.


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Friederike Merz – Voice 
Johannes von Ballestrem – Piano/ Guitar
Fabiana Striffler – Violin/ Synthesizer/ Mandoline/ Composition

We create a musical world that is located between acoustic Jazz and Contemporary Music. On our “classical” instruments we are looking for new sounds, and the merger of different textures. The melodies and rhythms sometimes sound clear and crystallin, sometimes amorphous, dark and dreamful. That way we bridge existing sound habits with our desire to interprete classical music in our own way. The new album consists of only my own compositions. You might recognize poems by Soren Kierkegaard, the Chinese poet Wang Ya Ping and others.
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William Parker – Bass
Sabir Mateen – Tenorsaxophon, Clarinets, Fluts
Fabiana Striffler – Violin
Klaus Kugel – Drums

William Parker is a Bassplayer from New York. He is a prominent and influential musician in the New York City experimental jazz scene, and has regularly appeared at music festivals around the world, including the Guelph Jazz Festival, in southern Ontario.
Parker played with musicians such as pianist Cecil Taylor, Peter Brötzmann´s groups, Paul Murphy, Matthew Shipp, Hamid Drake, Bill Dixon, Charles Gayle, Roscoe Mitchell, Butch Morris, Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, Fred Anderson, Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray, Rozanne Levine, Perry Robinson, Henry Grimes, Jeanne Lee, Ivo Perelman, Kidd Jordan, DJ Spooky und Mat Maneri. The album Sound Unity by the William Parker Quartet was chosen as one of‘s Top 100 Editor’s Picks of 2005.


Omniversal Earkestra



Live every Monday night since 2011. The 12 headed Berlin Big Band plays compositions from their band members such as violinist Fabiana Striffler, tenor saxophonist Johannes Schleiermacher and baritone saxophonist Franz Stahl. You also hear the Big Bands interpretation of pieces of great jazz composers such as Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk and others.The nights are hot, energetic and political.
“they can take us out of the temple, but they can’t take the temple out of us”



Declan Forde – Piano

James Banner – Doublebass
Fabiana Striffler – Violin

Come and hear the sweetest, hottest and weirdest versions of pieces written by Béla Bartók, Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles Messiaen as well as our most beautiful compositions written by Fabiana Striffler, Declan Forde and James Banner.
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Fabiana Striffler – Violin
Linda Gossmann – Violin
Shasta Ellenbogen – Viola
Alice Dixon – Cello

Berlin based String Quartet „STUDIO-CAT-QUARTET“ is a group of four young women. All classical trained with a lot of non classical experience and the ability to improvise and to play difference styles of music. The „STUDIO CAT QUARTET“ offers studio recordings for music productions. They are also brilliant at live concerts with bands and on television shows.
What makes them special is the fact that they played together for many years and so they guarantee a compact string sound.
Days of endless searching for string players for your production are over: Hire the STUDIO CAT QUARTET and you´ll have excellent results combined with good times in the studio.



Further Projects Fabiana Striffler works with:

Andromeda Megaexpress Orchestra
Tomáš Liška – PÈNTE

PanoramaPeng – Album Out Now