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January 25, 20178.30 pmFROGBerlin, Donau115
February 08, 20178.30 pmJames Banner & Fabiana StrifflerBerlin, Donau 115
February 12, 201711 amSchattentheaterKonzerthaus Berlin
February 15, 2017Schattentheater Konzerthaus Berlin in Buch Onkologie
February 19, 20177 pm Fabiana Striffler & The Good OnesBerlin, Spiegelsaal in Clärchens Ballhaus
Febuary 23, 20176 pmFabiana Striffler & The Good OnesMusikclub, Konzerthaus BerlinRUSH HOUR CONCERTS
February 24, 20179 pmFabiana Striffler String Trio
With Greg Cohen on Doublebass & Julia Bilat on Cello
Aufsturz, BerlinTribute to "Zbiggy"
A concert in honour of one of the most eminent Jazz Violinists of the 20th century, Zbigniew Seifert.
Celebrating his 70th Birthday at Aufsturz Berlin.
In cooperation with Jazzkeller 69
March 15, 2017 8.30 pmString Trio
With Greg Cohen on Doublebass & Julia Bilat on Cello
Donau 115Tribute to "Zbiggy"
A concert in honour of one of the most eminent Jazz Violinists of the 20th century, Zbigniew Seifert.
Celebrating his 70th Birthday at Aufsturz Berlin.
Music for strings written by Greg Cohen, Fabiana Striffler and Zbigniew Seifert
March 26, 20178 pmTransmission KlaviertrioBerlinMit Jens Schlichting (Klavier), Fabiana Striffler (Violine) und Jonathan Flaksman (Violoncello) hatte das Trio sein Debüt im "Palais des Congrès" in Paris.
March 28, 20179 pmTransmission KlaviertrioBerlin
March 29, 20179 pmJohannes von Ballestrem Solo Concert BerlinSongs from New Orleans.
As guest Fabiana Striffler.
April 19-May 13, 2017OperaTour Europe
May21st7.30pmSidney Werner & Fabiana StrifflerBerlinJazz-Festival "When You Talk To Me"
May24th8.30pmNick Morrison & Fabiana StrifflerDonau 115, Berlin
May27th CANCELLED7.30pmNick Morrison & Fabiana StrifflerBerlinJazz-Festival "When You Talk To Me"
May28th11amMozart Matineé, childrenprogramKonzerthaus Berlin
June7th8.30pmAhmed Ag Kaedi - Mali BluesBLO-Atelier, Berlin
June8th8pmKathrin Groß-Striffler
June10thPanoramaPengKapelle am Urbahn Berlin
June14th8.30pmFabiana Striffler String TrioDonau 115, BerlinGreg Cohen bass,
Julia Bilat cello,
Fabiana Striffler violin
June17+18th5pmGreg Cohen, Zola Mennenöh, Fabiana Striffler
Saxstall, Pohrsdorf (bei Dresden)
June21st5.30pmThe Omniversal EarkestraFete de la musique Berlin
June21th8.30pmAhmed Ag Kaedi - Mali BluesBLO-Atelier, Berlin
June28th8.30pmAhmed Ag Kaedi - Mali BluesBLO-Atelier, Berlin
July5th8.30pmFabiana Striffler Solovioline & Schlagzeugroboter (Erf.: Christopher Böhm) Donau 115, Berlin
all dayWorkshop on Roots Music given by
Greg Cohen/Fabiana Striffler
"Il Doccione" Tuscany, Italy
Aug.18thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraJena - Kulturarena
Aug.24thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraBerlin - DiskoBabel
Aug.26thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraHamburg - Elbphilharmonie
Aug.26thThe Omniversal EarkestraJazzfest Brandenburg
Aug.31thGunter Hampel & The Omniversal EarkestraBerlin - DiskoBabel
Sept.19th8pmFabiana Striffler TrioBerlin
Sept.28th8.30pmFabiana Striffler TrioBerlin - Donau 115
Sept.29thFabiana Striffler TrioRudow - Alte Dorfschule Rudow e.V.
Oct.14th Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra & ZafraanBerlin - UFO Studios
Oct.19thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraBremen - Theater
Oct.20thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraKöln - Philharmonie
10.30amMozart Matineé, childrenprogramKonzerthaus Berlin
Oct.24thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraLudwigshafen - EnjoyJazz
Oct.25thAndromeda Mega Express OrchestraSalzburg - Jazz and the City
Nov.8thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Das Konzerthaus Berlin im Krankenhaus Buchchildrenprogram
Nov.16thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Wangelin
Nov.17thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Berlin
Nov.18thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Erfurt, Jazzclub
Nov.19thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Dresden
Release-Tour "Mahagoni" Schönborn
Nov.23rdRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Koblenz
Nov.24thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Radolfzell am Bodensee
Nov.25thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Stockach
Nov.26thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Büsingen, BergkircheOver 1000 years old church on a mountaintop.
Nov.28thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Freiburg im Breisgau
Nov.30thRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Berlin
Dec.1st CANCELLEDRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Berlin
Dec. 2nd ERSATZKONZERTRelease-Tour "Mahagoni" Berlin
Dec. 8thJames Banner & Fabiana StrifflerSchwerin, Schloß
Dec.10th10.30amMozart Matineé, childrenprogramBerlin, Konzerthaus
Dec.14th9.30 pmPanoramaPengBerlin, Instrumenten-Museum
Dec. 15th8.30 pmPanoramaPengBerlin, Sowieso