“La Plume Du Dimanche” is the name of the album by Berlin violinist Fabiana Striffler with Parisian cellist Karsten Hochapfel. The two musicians have the same weakness for improvisation, psychedelic folk rock, jazz, experimental music, but also for a simple song and the beauty of a melody. In “La Plume Du Dimanche”, the two musicians move almost carefree and intuitively outside classical patterns, in search of a common form of expression, without getting caught up in the maelstrom of the centuries-old high culture of their respective instruments. They are interested in unconventional approaches to questions of a musical and social nature. The internationally established duo experiences music as an energy of life, as a playground, as a place of new discoveries and as an opportunity to experience and facilitate encounters. In 2022, the violinist moved to Paris for six months. The album created during this time documents the beginning of their collaboration and makes us look forward to further releases.

Fabiana Striffler – violin
Karsten Hochapfel – cello