violinist & composer


“When Fabiana Striffler takes bow in hand, a magical process begins. The golden threads of her imagination weave a lustrous and well hewn pattern to all musical contexts she is a part of. I know from my own work, she is always secret weapon #1.“

Greg Cohen (bass player known for his works with Tom Waits, Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, Woody Allen…)


“Fabiana Striffler is a very talented violinist who plays directly from the heart. Her beautiful sound is a reflection of herself. Fabiana has a unique balance of keen Intuition and Intellect that allows her to make pure music no matter what creative situation she finds herself in.“

Garry Dial (Grammy nominated pianist from New York “live at the Village Vanguard” )




For the last few months I have been working on several albums, with musicians I really  appreciate. All those albums are coming out soon!

Fabiana Striffler Trio – New album
Quique Sinesi & Fabiana Striffler – New album

Viktor Wolf Band – New album
Friede Merz – New album

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