BUYFabiana Striffler Trio
»Sweet And So Solitary« (2018)
Label Traumton
BUY VIDEOFabiana Striffler Trio
»Hemme Nicht Deiner Seele Flug« (2018) Single
Label Traumton
Fabiana Striffler
»Black And Purple« (2018)
“Fabiana Striffler hat eine fantastische, ziemlich beweglich Stimme, die genau wie auch schon ihr Geigenspiel direkt und ziemlich unprätentiös mitten ins Herz trifft.” Deutschlandfunk Kultur
BUYFriede Merz
»Denmark Streets« (2018)
BUYFabiana Striffler & Quique Sinesi »Mahagoni« (2017)
Label Laika-Records
“…Ein gemeinsamer Atem, ein funkelndes musikalisches Kleinod, welches von den ersten Klängen an gefangen nimmt.” Jazz Podium
BUY»Seventy Years of Budde« (2017)
Distribution Budde Music
For the first time as main vocalist on vinyl on "The Letter".
BUYViktor Wolf & PanoramaPeng »Mountain Lion Dance« (2017)
Label Recordjet
BUYKarl die Große »Dass ihr Superhelden immer übertreibt« (2017)
BUYAndromeda Mega Express Orchestra
»Vula« (2017)
Label Alien Transistor
“Pure genre-smashing magic“ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
»Everything at Once« (2016)
Label Caroline Distribution/Astrlwks
Comet for "Rock" 2001
BRIT Award for „Best British Album“ (The Man Who) 2000
BRIT Award for „Best British Group“ 2000 and 2002
»The World« (2016)
Label Philophon (Vinyl Single)
BUYAlright Gandhi
»Little Traveller« (2016)
Makawi Music
poliversalsoulsBUYPolyversal Souls
»Invisible Joy« (2015)
Label Philophon
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BUYCharity Children
»Fable« (2015)
»Walk« (2015) Acoustic Version
Label Atlantic Records
Warner Music
With Walk EP containing the hit single "Walk" his best known release launched on 5 October 2014 on Atlantic Records. It became hugely popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Number one on the iTunes Music charts.
20141209-edabm-booklet-v3.inddBUYHoller My Dear
»Eat, drink and be merry« (2015)
Label Traumton
Head of the Band Laura Winkler:
KUG Scholarship 2009
Finalist of the composition competion ProJazz 2011 in Graz
ö1-Talentebörse 2011
Finalist of Metropole Orkest Arrangers Workshop 2012
Stipendiary of the club Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Berlin e.V.
DuBistGoldBUY15 Freunde Singen Betancor
»Popette Du Bist Gold« (2015)
Label Kurtmusik by Kurtbuero
With Annette Humpe, Clara Habercamp, Andreas Lang, Tilo Weber...
tomas-liska-bercheros-odysseyBUYTomáš Liška
»Bercheros Odyssey« (2015)
Label Animal Music
Pénte is a new imaginative project by bassist and composer Tomas Liska, hailing from the Czech Republic. Tomas chose four German colleagues and then they embarked on an experimental voyage together. The path is, sometimes wild, sometimes toughtful, sometimes joyous, sometimes debateful, but still respects the inclination towards chamber dialogue.
The music unites the improvisational, classical, as well as song and jazz forms, working with contrasting layers and sounds, with space in the compositions, all of which creates a balance across these genres.
unnamedBUYAlright Gandhi
»Widening Circles« (2015)
Makawi Music
avatars-000082132617-ejhwtp-t500x500BUYAwa Ly
»Doum Doum Doum« (2014)
Management Matthieu Remond
Taking place in an enchanted and somewhat mystical atmosphere, haloed in a scenography summoning the moon, the earth and the elements. A shamanic female with an ancestral blend between Native Americans and Africa was there, speaking in an unknown language, telling stories, some real some fantasized.
Scan 7BUYDie Heisse 7 »Im Geradeaus Kreis« (2014), Label Phonector"Sieben hoch motivierte Könner und individuelle Erzähler, die längst über den Status von „Talenten“ hinaus sind und Dinge hörbar machen, die älteren Generationen längst verloren gegangen sind."
(Wolf Kampmann)
lord-mouse-the-kalypso-katz-L-CxlZ6tBUYLord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz
»Go Calypsonian« (2013)
Label Piranha Musik
HannsEislerBUYHanns Eisler
Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Live (2012)