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  1. The opening panel was a full success – thanks to your great contributions here!

    We collected feed-back over the whole week, and I would like to share it with you:

    There was consensus that the music after the presentations was excellent. People enjoyed the improvisation and also the classical pieces. I was very touched by one comment that it was a unique experience for some of the engineers who had never heard such great music live in concert before, and may never hear that again in their lives. It was said that the music helped to reflect what had been said before in the presentations. They will not forget the music, and they will remember who was speaking before that and hopefully some messages from the presentations.

    The experiment with the Technical Council music was perceived as interesting. Some could not say how they felt about it, but it triggered emotions and discussions. Mainly the young people loved it, and many people discussed about how we had agreed on this concept and how we knew what to do, as the logic was not obvious. All in all, from the Technical Council we have achieved that we added a new dimension to the technical discussions and people talked about the opening panel throughout the week.

    The experiment in the end – humming by all people – had different reactions. Some were really excited about it and enjoyed the humming. I was walking around the room and heard that there was humming around, even if not so loud. Others felt out of their comfort zone. I heard quite a lot of positive comments from Asia.
    With this, I would like to thank you very much again! It was very interesting for me to work with you to prepare this opening panel. I hope you also enjoyed combining excellent engineering and markets presentations with excellent music.

    Best regards

    Cigre, Paris

  2. It was such a honor to be part of the opening panel.
    engineers met musicians.

    Best Regards
    Jingxuan (Joanne) Hu
    RBJ Engineering Corp.

  3. I personally believe it was a positive experience. Innovative ideas aways take time to sink in. So it had an impact.
    Over all great

  4. Thank you for this good summary and especially for proposing this innovative use of music and sound in the panel, and for organising it so well!!
    Thank you also once more to the three excellent musicians!

    I enjoyed the entire process quite a bit, including being on stage. That alone made the extra work well worthwhile for me. I also think the time this year was ripe to introduce new elements into the opening panel, and the feedback shows music worked very well. I hope we’ll keep being innovative not only in all the technical/economic work of the thousands of experts but also in making the sessions and symposia more and more interesting and fun to participate in.
    Best regards,
    Konstantin Staschus, Ph.D.

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